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Sacred Sun Essences is committed to giving back to mother earth, making sure that what we take out, we give back. This is why we go all out to ensure that our essential oils are derived from natural, environmentally friendly, sustainable sources and are ethically sourced. All our ingredients are 100% vegan friendly, biodegradable and 100% animal cruelty free. All packaging can be fully recycled and we aim to keep our carbon foot print as tiny as possible.

It is of great importance too that every single product we create is infused with the energetic of love. All batches are made up in small quantities and at each stage of the creation process love is poured into each and every one of our products. We hope you can feel it!

Our commitment is to both the customer in providing a good quality, ethically sourced and environmentally friendly product and to mother earth, ensuring that we leave behind a better brighter world than before we came.

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Sacred Sun Essences is a trading name for Sarah Blackburne Therapies.